Britta & Kevin

Britta and Kevin had one of the most memorable weddings I can remember. Unfortunately one of the reasons was because three days before the wedding Britta broke her kneecap. That’s right, broke her kneecap. I’m sure this is one of those things that brides have nightmares and panic attacks about. She was in a huge leg brace and had to be on crutches part of the day, but didn’t let it ruin the celebration. Incredibly, despite the pain she must have been in, she was one of the most beautiful and sweet brides that I have worked with.
Britta is one of those brides that make you realize that the important thing about the day is the sentiment and the feeling of it all. She had such an amazing attitude and did not once complain about anything, that I think she deserves the Bride of the Year Award, if there is one. With wedding coordination from Blue Sky Productions and Yvonne Floral‘s creative designs, the entire event was stylish and beautiful, down to the last detail.

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Britta’s parents decorated her crutches to give them a little style.

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I love this picture, Kevin carried her the rest of the way down the aisle to the ceremony.

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Britta even did the first dance, while pivoting around on one leg. I couldn’t believe there was a giant leg brace under this dress. DSC_7906Pin thisimage

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