Jenny & Denton

Jenny & Denton was one of my favorite weddings this year. I loved their handmade flowers and design and they are such an adorable pair. Everything was very smooth and the only hiccup in the day was the tsunami warning at the end of the night.

Jenny and Denton have been together for nearly 10 years and when you ask them how they met, they have very different stories. Jenny remembers meeting Denton at a friend’s birthday where he brought a gallon of milk to their severely lactose intolerant mutual friend. Denton remembers Jenny hitting on him and buying him a drink at a bar in San Jose. Regardless of how they met, they have been together ever since and make such a gorgeous couple.

Denton proposed on a weekend trip to the Big Island. They hiked to a remote beach and were greeted by a large sea turtle lounging on the beach. Denton made a ring box out of driftwood and the engagement ring as well. He also made his wedding band out of 2 quarters, it was amazing.

The wedding was at Loulu Palm on the north shore. Jenny and Denton were very involved in the process and made a lot of the details including the flowers and centerpieces.

And thanks to all my other amazing vendors who made everything beautiful:
Weddings by Grace and Mona for the coordination

Make up by Bev for the makeup

Fisheye Studios for the videography 001Pin thisimage 003Pin thisimage 005Pin thisimage 010Pin thisimage 012Pin thisimage 014Pin thisimage 017Pin thisimage 019Pin thisimage 021Pin thisimage 022Pin thisimage 023Pin thisimage 029Pin thisimage 030Pin thisimage 034Pin thisimage 036Pin thisimage 038Pin thisimage 041Pin thisimage 043Pin thisimage 047Pin thisimage 049Pin thisimage 053Pin thisimage 058Pin thisimage 063Pin thisimage 065Pin thisimage 073Pin thisimage 077Pin thisimage 080Pin thisimage 083Pin thisimage 085Pin thisimage 089Pin thisimage 095Pin thisimage 098Pin thisimage 102Pin thisimage 104Pin thisimage 107Pin thisimage 113Pin thisimage 116Pin thisimage 118Pin thisimage 119Pin thisimage

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