Kelsey & Evan

Kelsey and Evan, what can I say about them? They are one of my favorite and most adorable couples. This is exactly what I love to see in a couple on their wedding day; happpiness, affection, and the obvious fact that they are so much in love. They were married on the North Shore with the help of fantastic wedding coordinator Karine from Seasons of Life.

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Kelsey was an effervescent bride, who smiled and enjoyed every second of her day. KE_02Pin thisimage

I couldn’t get enough of the yellow!

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I love the feeling of this picture.
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There was a quick little shower, but totally worth it when you get a gorgeous rainbow like this. KE_23Pin thisimage KE_24Pin thisimage KE_25Pin thisimage


  • Beth - Wow…that picture with the rainbow….is just PERFECT! That has to be the bride and groom’s favorite!ReplyCancel

  • robyn - beautiful images, rachel! so vibrant and fresh — love your work!ReplyCancel

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