Kristi & Mike

I have been lucky enough to have met this amazing group of friends a few years back at a wedding that I photographed. From then on out, I was hooked, and they sort of adopted me as their photographer. This was the 4th wedding of the same group of friends that I photographed. They are some of the most fun and crazy weddings that I have ever been to and Kristi and Mike were no exception.

Mike is the type of guy who is the life of the party and very outgoing. He is always making Kristi smile, and they are so happy together.

Kristi and Mike spend part of their time here in Hawaii and part of it in Alaska…which sounds pretty perfect to me. They wanted to have a fun and stylish tropical wedding to celebrate the Hawaii side of their lives. I love the style of this wedding, the design and coordination was done by the amazing Christina of Pacific Aisles and the flowers are the work of the very talented Michelle from Flower girls Hawaii
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Kristi is a stunning bride.

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So handsome…and Krsiti’s mom sewed in this little detail on the back of his tie.
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The wedding took place at the Loulu Palm estate on the north shore.

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Love the lighting in this picture.

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Love, Love, Love this group!

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They are just so cute together.

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Thank you so much for allowing me to be part of this day, I can’t wait until the next wedding!

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