Miki and Aaron

Miki and Aaron met while they both worked on the tv show Lost. They worked in different departments , but saw each other frequently. Miki had no idea that Aaron was interested in her and even tried to set him up with some friends. Near the end of the show’s season, Aaron sent Miki a CD of paperwork to finish up filing reports. When she checked the CD, there were three icons: call sheets, production reports, and ‘Read me Miki’. She opened the last file and read the text, ‘Can I take you to dinner?’.

They have been together ever since. During that time they Moved to Tokyo and back, had a long distance relationship for a while, and then finally came home to Hawaii. Aaron proposed on top of Koko Head, one of their favorite hiking locations. To deviate from their usual hiking route straight up the mountain, Aaron suggested they hike along the ridge to the pillbox located at the top. They started at the Botanical Gardens and ventured up the mountain to the ridge. The winds were very strong on top of Koko Head that day and he sat her down so she could catch her breath and rest. Aaron pulled out a ring from his board shorts and proposed!

The wedding at Dillingham was incredible. The weather and light were both gorgeous and the ranch gives you the feel of old Hawaii. We even ventured off the ranch in search of some photogenic horses. The day was all about the celebration of family and friends and was such a great time. Here are some of my favorite images.

And thanks to all my other amazing vendors who made everything beautiful:
Ever After Events for coordination
Flaunt for the makeup
Watanabe for the flowers
Beaches and Backyards for the catering
Ariel Silks for the beautiful entertainment
Royal Party Rentals for the decor

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