the experience

Your wedding day is filled with so much emotion, love, and laughter (all the feels). I want to capture all of that for you, and for my photos to be an instant portal back to that day. If you're like a lot of people (and myself), getting in front of the camera is a nerve-racking experience. I'm here to make that part easy for you.


My goal is to get to know my couples, so that on the wedding day it feels like I am just another friend. And as your friend and photographer, there are a lot of things that I will do for you. In addition to taking great pictures,

I Will:

1. Sew you into your wedding dress, or suit (which I have done)

2. Jump in the ocean to save your veil that the wind just blew off (which I have also done)

3. Talk to your uncle about my photo gear (there’s always one)

4. Yell at your family if I need to in order to get the formal photos finished quickly (trust me, people love this about me)

and most importantly,

5. Refuse shots from your drunk friends (I want to the photos to be in focus)


I will do all of this, and I will do my best to make the photos and the whole process fun (I promise).


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